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By Ian

Lodge Lane Liverpool Methodist Church was a large one-time Wesleyan Chapel built on Lodge Lane between Cedar Grove and Aspen Grove. In the ‘50s and early ‘60s it did a lot of great work in the local community, although - sadly - its days were numbered.

The Church was built through the generosity of Merchants in late 19th century Liverpool, and was instrumental in the building of another, some miles away. That effort took a toll, however, and that toll - together with WWI - reduced congregations substantially leaving the church to spend a lot of its time fundraising.  Nonetheless, Methodism's acute social inclusion emphasis ensured a slowly rising membership and a lot of excellent work was done in the community.

Little is known of the years between 1935 and 1950, sadly, but we are piecing together information about the church between 1950 and when it was closed in 1964.

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When I was a child I lived in Cedar Grove ( 1954-1962) and I attended the Sunday school run by the church as well as being in the Cubs belonging to the church's Sea Scout Group. I remember that I helped to collect money for the Junior Missionary Association and I still have the medal that I was awarded. This medal now resides in my Mum's "button box" on the Wirral although I now live in Spain. I have just seen the photograph of the church but it appears different to me although I am stretching my memory back more than 50 years.

I remember that the building was very large, or it appeared so, and that it had many rooms and a hall as well as the chapel.

My father ran the youth club at the church for several years.

I remember that the minister was a man called Alan Bradshaw and I remember him preaching to the congregation on Sundays as I watched from the balcony of the chapel.

I remember sports days held in a local park and trips to the pantomime at the Empire.

Next time I am in England I'll ask my parents if they have any photos from the period.

By Phil Wall
On 31/01/2015

Many thanks, Phil.  The more photos the better.

By Ian
On 13/03/2016

My Grandparents lived in Cedar Grove, only 2 houses away from the church, and my father grow up there. I spent many years in Cedar Grove and remember the church very well. It was a sad day it was finally demolished. 

By G Mac
On 23/05/2016

I lived in Coltart Rd, which was opposite the P.S.A., from 1952 until 1962.I was also a member of the Cubs and then the Sea Scouts. The Sea Scout leader Bosun was a man called Dick Evans.


By David JOHN
On 19/08/2016

My hus and and I thought you might be interested in a book, Sketches of Engine and Machine Details by Wallace Bentley, M.I.M.E, published 1908. It was presented as a prize for regular attendance to Mr Milne, from Lodge Lane P.S.A.for men and women, Liverpool by Rev JW Whitmore, President, and F. Etches and W. Sharples, Hon. Secretaries. It has a very pretty label (no.573) on the first page with the above detail, which I hope are of interest to you.

By Glynis Dickinson
On 07/02/2017