Kingsley Park Methodist Church, Northampton

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Roll of Honour

By Richard Moisey


Each returning man was presented with a small card bearing an image of the church and the words:


The Great War 1914-19

In acknowledgement of

Duty faithfully performed

And offering a hearty

Welcome home


Signed by the Minister (B. Heseltine) and Senior School Superintendent (Geo. Wilson Beattie)


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Plain Brass, 24” high.

Bears the inscription:






1914 – 1918 AND 1939 – 1945








Kingsley Park Wesleyan Church

ROLL OF HONOUR 1914  1919 

Philip Waters is noted as having been awarded the Belgian Croix de Guerre, and W. Archer the Military medal.

The legend in the left hand panel contains biblical quotations matched to symbols for death, physical injury, imprisonment or mental injury.  These symbols are then seen against relevant names in the Roll.

The Mizpah quotation seems to be meant to apply to the whole board and its position suggests that the last quotation (for mental injury) was a late addition.

(Two of the biblical references are incorrect, as shown below.)


Greater Love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. 
John xv  v2  (In fact verse 13)

Albert Dunkley (whilst p.o.w.); Alfred Arnold; William Osborne; A. Johnson; H. Burbidge; William Watson; William Cooper; Walter Fitzhugh; Sydney Redley; Ralph Bazeley;                   Alf Stevenson.


For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord.
Jeremiah xxx v17

G.F. Dalling; W. Arter; G. Willford; Will Mann; T. Stamp; J.E. Malin; Bertram Allibone;           William Dunkley; P.F. Claydon; Frank Jinks; W. Archer.


He hath sent me…to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound.
Isaiah Lxi  vi

Albert Dunkley (died in captivity); Fred Moore; W. Smith.


Mizpah. The Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another.
Genesis xxxi  v49


The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who shall bear?
Proverbs xvii  v14 (In fact chapter 18)

Wilson Beattie; Sydney Tilley; Keith Leslie. 


The Roll is entirely hand drawn and illustrated and is signed RB Carter 1918.

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W. Hollingsworth



William Peach

Frank Jinks

Reginald Letts



Alfred Campin

Stanley Jinks

Edward Peel



Bernard Perkins

Arthur Alibone

Samuel Barker



William Watson

Ralph Alibone

Albert Dunkley



Cyril Stevenson

A.G. Wells

Ernest Osborne



Bertram Allibone

Herbert Heel

Alfred Larkman

Wm. J. Wright

Fred Cook

Hubert J. Simons


Sidney Lilley

William Coward

Alfred Arnold

William Dunkley

Tom Gwillan

Wilson Beattie

Charles Meakin

William Osborne

E. H. Joll

Horace Gwillam

Philip Waters

E. Seward

H. Barratt

H. Phillips

William Malpas


Sidney Fitzhugh

A. Barratt

William Barratt

William Fitzhugh

Laurence Barratt

W. Rowlett

W. Cumberpatch

J.P.E. Edwards

Walter Fitzhugh

Sidney Tilley

F.G. Bunting

J. Bunting

F. Shrive

Herbert Fitzhugh

W. Sear

G. Jackson

P.H. Eagle

J.R. Eagle

Reg. Fitzhugh

E.A. Lett

S. Cross

F. Redley

George Redley

Sydney Redley

W. Arter

Bishop Bailey

A.C. Bishop

E.W. Fitzhugh

W. Archer

Harold Kirby

Fred Kirby

A. Johnson

W.H. Alibone

George Barratt

S. Barford

G. Atherton

S.E. Coward

F. Coward

Arthur Ball

E.F. Burt

A.J. Hughes

J.E. Malin

S.H. Islip

Clement Sharp

J. Watson

W.J. Hughes

Stewart Norman

W. Gill

Ralph Bazeley

Fred Mann

Keith Leslie


J. Boddington

Alf. Stevenson

B.I. Slade

Gilbert Slade

A.W. Slade

H.L. Boswell

Gregory Jinks

E.J. Mundin

F.F. Scrimshaw

H. Burbidge

Walter Clarke

John Brown

A. Wright

A.G. Bailey

A.E. Bailey

John Rock

F.A. Hedge

A.C. Law

A. Gurnham

R.J. Ball

W. Wright

Harold Atherton

Harrison Smart

T. Stamp

Leonard Stamp

J. Simons

Gordon Jinks

G. Willford

Wm. G. Russell

W.G. Russell

E.S. Joll

Alfred Moore

Will Mann

H. Page

A.E. Smith

W. Smith

Fred Moore

Bert Brain

J. Wilcox

R. Sear

F. Barber

Horace Rymill

J. Barber

Henry G. Best

W.J. Hudson

P.F. Claydon

Thomas Bradshaw

H. Stevenson

Wm. Stevenson

Gladstone Eagle

Percy Smith

I. Bryant





Fred Arnold

Monty Summerfield











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