Hindolveston Methodist Church

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Roll of Honour

By Ann Pope


The undermentioned from This Parish served in the Great War 1914 - 1918

Abram B.           Holsey A.W.
Abram L.           Holsey E.E.*
Barsted A.C.     Holsey E.W.*
Barsted B.         Holsey J.W.
Barsted F.S.      Howard A.
Barsted W.F.*  Jex H.
Beckett J.          Lambert A.
Beckett W.         Leaman F.W.
Brown H.J.         Leman B.
Chapman H.      Lockett H.C.
Childs J.             Long F.R.
Codling A.F.       Long R.J.
Codling A.          Margetson E.*
Codling B.          Mears B.  
Codling C.*       Mears C.*
Codling H.*
       Mears S.C.
Codling P.          Moy H.S.
Codling E.W.      Pratt A.
Codling J.           Pengilley F.
Cooper G.H.       Porter C.M.
Cooper J.W.       Porter C.P.C.
Cock C.              Reeve A.
Craske W.*        Reeve C.A.*
Davidson D.       Reeve H.W.
Ducker H.B.       Smith A.R.
Ducker H.           Smith C.R.
Ducker N.           Smith E.W.
Eke A.D.*           Strike A.E.
Eke F.W.*           Strike E.A.
Eke C.                Strike J.W.*
Eke H.B.             Walton A.
English E.J.*      Walton C.
English C.           Webster E.
English J.            White C.A.*
Fish H.C.             White J.
Fish F.W.             White R.J.*
Fisher H.J.           Williamson C.
Fisher H.C.          Winterbottom J.
Fisher J.W.          Worship D.
Frary C.               Worship C.C.
Gent J.                 Worship S.C.
Harvey J.*           Worship S. 
Wickens H.*                                                                                          

NOTE:    The Hi-lighted names that are starred made the Supreme Sacrifice

The Chapel has recently closed and it is intended to offer the memorial to somewhere in the Village possibly the Parish Church.    February 2014

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Hi - thank you for this. I am not a Methodist. A large number of my ancestors (Holsey) were born in Hindolveston and surrounds - they married into other Hindolveston whose names appear on your 'roll of honour'. I visit Norfolk and Hindolveston as often as possible but less often than I would like. Please advise as to how I can provide financial support to the proposal to ensure an appropriate memorial in Hindolveston to those who fought and died in WW1. Regards Jackie

By Jackie Gower
On 31/03/2014

If anybody has any information on the Barsted family please email me I will reply to all.

Thanks very much MR Denis Barsted


By Denis Barsted
On 30/08/2017