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War Memorials

By Rev A Kathie Heathcoat

Sowerby  1914-18

J Addison             R Annakin         
H Appleton           R C Appleton    
J R Atkinson         F Ayre
H Bell                   F Bendelow       
W E Bramley        A Briggs           
T W Brown           W T Bulmer
A Buchannan        P S Clarke         
A Close                T H Coope        
E Crisp                 C Dale
H Dale                  C Danby            
E G Daynes          F B Dent           
G W Dickinson      F G Freeman
W S Garbutt         W A Gilling        
H Greenwood       J Hardy             
J W Hardy            A Hesp
H Hodgson           H Holmes         
G H Horner           F Hutton            
H Kendrew           E Lascelles
J H Lofthouse       H Pollington      
A Rogers              W T Seavers      
W Skipsey            A Spence
E Spence              W T Thornton   
W T Trenholme     T Todd              
W Ward                H Wardman
J C Walker            C H Watson      
G Watson             W P Watson      
T Webster


Sowerby 1939-1945

John Arkle                                          
Cyril Atkinson
Arthur Brown                                   
Alick Camburn
John Robert Francis Condor       
Edward Handshaw
Joseph Gunson Handshaw         
John Hemingway
Reginald Hudson                             
William Huson
Clyde Ibbotson                                
Bryan Watts Jackson
Robert Metcalfe                              
Mark Middleton
Harry Normington                          
James Wesley Rooke
John Francis Slater                          
Joseph Walker

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