John and Charles Wesley

by Herbert Smith (Local Preacher)

By Peter Smith

(Can be sung to the hymn tune: Lucius
‘All praise to our redeeming Lord’)

Susannah Wesley had two sons
And these two sons were brothers,
John Wesley was the name of one
And Charley was the other.

Now these two brothers had a shirt
And it was very white,
John Wesley wore it all the day
And Charley all the night.

Susannah’s boys, they had a coat,
And it was very thin
John Wesley wore it inside out 
And Charley outside in.

Now these two brothers had a shop,
Their sweets were sweet as honey,
John Wesley sold the ‘ginger pop’
And Charley took the money.

Susannah’s lads, they went to Church,
To hear the parson spout,
John Wesley put a tanner in
And Charley took it out.

Now these two brothers went and died
Through eating too much jelly,
John Wesley died upon his back
And Charley - on his birthday.

So these two brothers passed away,
It’s very sad to tell,
John Wesley straight to Heaven went
And Charley went – AS WELL!

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