Unknown badge attached to JMC set

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Can you unravel the initials for me?

By Chris Hancock

Being an inveterate collector (Hoarder my wife would say!) I have been collecting JMC / JMA badges for a few years now.

I was a collector as a child and all of my children have been JMA collectors. I used the badges we had as an illustration in a JMA service that I led and decided to see if I could amass a full set of year bars - sad but true!

I recently purchased a set of year bars which had attached to them a shield with the letters E.W.M.J.F.M.A. Ex CAPTAIN BRIGADE.

I attach a picture of the badge as well.

I wonder if anyone knows what these initials stand for?

I have searched the web in as many ways that I can think of without success.

Thanks very much.


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