MAYC 1952

Westminster Central Hall

By Chris Hancock

This is a photograph of the "podium" at the MAYC weekend 1952 which I thought some might find interesting.

Photo:click to enlarge

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Standing and speaking is my Dad Reginald Hancock who became Rev Reginald Hancock and would have been 19 at the time.

He spoke on the subject of Peace and was attending from Dunbar Methodist Church which at that time was part of the Edinburgh (Nicolson Square Circuit).

Dad continues to preach as a Supernumary in the Enfield Circuit.

He and Mum (who has been a local preacher for more than 50 years) obviously put Methodism into my genes as I have been a Property Steward for 30 years, a Local Preacher for nearly 20 years, have been a church steward and am currently a Circuit Steward!!

We are sorting through the family photographs so I will see if there are others of general interest. I have a photograph of his training "class" from Hartley Victoria and one of the ordinans at his ordination in 1961 which might fit the bill.

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Hi I am a son of the manse. My father was John Wesley Kirkham and his last churches were Kings Road and Westbourne Grove Methodist Churches in Middlesborough. He died in 1956. Started his ministry as a missionary to British Guiana. He was born 1900.

By Julian Kirkham
On 09/09/2013

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