My Methodist childhood in Keighley


By Brian Moate

I was brought up (b 1947) in Keighley, West Yorks, where my home church was Lund Park Methodists. Ministers in that period were W Ivor Calvert, Ralph Lowery, Albert W Mosley and B Vaughan Anderson.

Photo:Lund Park Wesleyan Church

Lund Park Wesleyan Church

I had organ lessons at age 13 at the larger Temple St Methodist Church in the centre of town.  At age 14 I became organist at Fell Lane Methodist Chapel in the town, and then in 1963-65 at my own Lund Park Church, sadly demolished in the mid 70's. The two other churches I mentioned also closed. 

Now, recently retired, I live on the Wirral, where I have mainly played the organ at Hoylake Welsh Presbyterian Chapel, though I have recently played at West Kirkby Methodist, and have Easter Sunday booked for Heswall Methodist Church. 

I understand that the daughter of above mentioned Rev Ralph Lowery is Rev Susan Howdle, a well known Methodist Minister today.

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Comments about this page

How nice to hear from Brian! First, a correction - I am not actually a Methodist minister, though I am a local preacher and have held various connexional offices and so I might be 'well known' - to some people anyway! I wonder if you remember, Brian, how we used to compete in playing the piano at Circuit music festivals? I can't remember who used to win! I'm glad you kept up your organ playing - a gift very much in demand for churches today.

By Susan Howdle
On 21/11/2013

Hi Susan, Thanks for the response. Yes I remember the circuit 'Eisteddfod' as we called it. Though I live on the Wirral now, I spent much of the week in Leeds until my retirement Easter last year, I think you were in that area too. My daughter is a preacher, but an Anglican Lay Reader. Would like to keep in touch with you.

By Brian R Moate
On 30/11/2013

I was at Lund Park Methodists from I think age three, I was born in 1953 and my name was June Lund.  my older sister was Janice.  I have many memories of my Sunday School and I liked coming across this item about it.

By June Pettitt
On 01/06/2014

I remember Janice well, though not yourself June.  I think you lived in Grafton Rd and I could see your house from ours across the allotments !

By Brian Moate
On 30/05/2015

Yes, we lived in Grafton Road across the allotments. I don't know of any other ex Lund Parkers. (There was an Eric Pickles who went). I will mention this to Janice.

By June Pettitt
On 07/08/2015

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