My Methodist childhood in Keighley


By Brian Moate

I was brought up (b 1947) in Keighley, West Yorks, where my home church was Lund Park Methodists. Ministers in that period were W Ivor Calvert, Ralph Lowery, Albert W Mosley and B Vaughan Anderson.

Photo:Lund Park Wesleyan Church

Lund Park Wesleyan Church

I had organ lessons at age 13 at the larger Temple St Methodist Church in the centre of town.  At age 14 I became organist at Fell Lane Methodist Chapel in the town, and then in 1963-65 at my own Lund Park Church, sadly demolished in the mid 70's. The two other churches I mentioned also closed. 

Now, recently retired, I live on the Wirral, where I have mainly played the organ at Hoylake Welsh Presbyterian Chapel, though I have recently played at West Kirkby Methodist, and have Easter Sunday booked for Heswall Methodist Church. 

I understand that the daughter of above mentioned Rev Ralph Lowery is Rev Susan Howdle, a well known Methodist Minister today.

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How nice to hear from Brian! First, a correction - I am not actually a Methodist minister, though I am a local preacher and have held various connexional offices and so I might be 'well known' - to some people anyway! I wonder if you remember, Brian, how we used to compete in playing the piano at Circuit music festivals? I can't remember who used to win! I'm glad you kept up your organ playing - a gift very much in demand for churches today.

By Susan Howdle
On 21/11/2013

Hi Susan, Thanks for the response. Yes I remember the circuit 'Eisteddfod' as we called it. Though I live on the Wirral now, I spent much of the week in Leeds until my retirement Easter last year, I think you were in that area too. My daughter is a preacher, but an Anglican Lay Reader. Would like to keep in touch with you.

By Brian R Moate
On 30/11/2013

I was at Lund Park Methodists from I think age three, I was born in 1953 and my name was June Lund.  my older sister was Janice.  I have many memories of my Sunday School and I liked coming across this item about it.

By June Pettitt
On 01/06/2014

I remember Janice well, though not yourself June.  I think you lived in Grafton Rd and I could see your house from ours across the allotments !

By Brian Moate
On 30/05/2015

Yes, we lived in Grafton Road across the allotments. I don't know of any other ex Lund Parkers. (There was an Eric Pickles who went). I will mention this to Janice.

By June Pettitt
On 07/08/2015

Hi Brian, I am wondering if you possibly knew my mother, Alice Muriel Eccles? She attended the Methodist church with her parents Herbert and Mary when she was young and sang in the choir or solo sometimes. 

By Christine Fenton
On 30/08/2017