The story of the JMA

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Click here for a link to the JMA page of the Methodist Church website which includes a history of the organisation.

This page was added by Pamela Atkins on 06/06/2013.
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The link to the JMA page of the Methodist Church leads to a page titled "Page Not Found".

When I was a child many years ago (about 1970), I was in a Methodist Church Sunday School.  I collected money and got a medal with "JMC DSO FOR ZEAL FOR CHRIST" on it. I cannot remember whether or not I collected money in a collecting box like the one in the picture - is that what children used then, please?

By E Bolton
On 01/03/2018

Thank you for alerting us to that-I've fixed the link now.

I think there were various designs of collecting boxes over the years, but I had one like the above in the 1960s.

By Pamela Atkins
On 01/03/2018