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Medal inquiry

By Dennis Pressland

I have this medal same as those on your website but it is dated 1961,could you tell me what it was given for.

This page was added by Dennis Pressland on 01/05/2015.
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Hi Dennis

The medal was awarded to junior missionary collectors for collecting over £5 for the missionary work of the church during a year.

The first year this was achieved the medal was awarded and in subsequent years a bar was awarded. After 10 years a long service badge was also given.

The practice started in 1904 with the Wesleyan Methodists by a man called Stanley Sowton so £5 was a large amount in those days.

The missionary magazine was also revamped that year so, although I have yet to find the proof, was probably a push to increase the local churches and the children's involvement in the missionary movement and to increase the amount collected.

I certainly strived for the medals when I was a collector and my children subsequently for the medals and badges as well so it seems likely!

The medals and bars were replaced by individual colours of the rainbow badges in 1992 and once the 10 colours were done (seven colours of the rainbow plus bronze, silver and gold) were then replaced by a full rainbow badge with the year on it.

Hope this helps.


By Chris Hancock
On 01/05/2015

I have my medal plus its bars, so has my daughter, and my grandson has the modern equivelent

By Hazel Brackley
On 11/05/2015

Hi Chris

Great site with lots of information that has cleared up a family medal that I have owned for over 35 years. A couple of questions please

At what age did you stop being a junior.

What does the DSO stand for?

I have the bronze looking cross from my great uncle who was born in 1919


Nigel Stokes

By Nigel Stokes
On 26/04/2017

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