Extracts from Minutes of Conference (1836 - 1842)

1836 Received on trial.

Stationed at Whitby

1837 Travelled one year stationed at Dunbar and Haddington

1838 Travelled three years(?) stationed at Dunbar and Haddington

1839 Remains on Trial. Stationed at Durham.

1840 N.B. John Harland retires, for the present, for want of health:-

Miscellaneous Expenses - Harland, on retiring from the work £15 0s 0d

1841 Q II. What Preachers remain on trial?

A. 1. In Great Britain,

(1.) John Harland, who has travelled four years, and is continued on trial, solely on account of the state of his health;

Stationed at Blyth

Miscellaneous Expenses - Supplying the place for brother Harland during his affliction £10 0s 0d

1842 N.B. John Harland .... retire for want of health:-

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