Lay people

Page link: Albania and Kosova
Albania and Kosova
a life-long influence from my early Methodist years
Page link: Dr John Hunt
Dr John Hunt
Living the Parable
Page link: Dr Victor Llewellyn Page
Dr Victor Llewellyn Page
4th February 1926 - 14th January 2015
Page link: Hannah Ball
Hannah Ball
Friend of John Wesley and founder of the first Sunday School
Page link: Harvey Adams
Harvey Adams
Methodist New Connexion Potter
Page link: John Bennett
John Bennett
'John Wesley's Rival'
Page link: Mrs Fletcher, of Madeley
Mrs Fletcher, of Madeley
From a series entitled 'Saintly Women of Methodism' published in the Christian Messenger, 1902
Page link: Nelson Mandela 1918-2013
Nelson Mandela 1918-2013
Methodist influences
Page link: Richard W Msimang (1884-1933)
Richard W Msimang (1884-1933)
Methodist-educated rugby player and legal advisor to the ANC
Page link: Thomas Clark of St Ives
Thomas Clark of St Ives
Friend of John Wesley
Page link: William Palmer 1757-1819
William Palmer 1757-1819
One of Mr Wesley's Preachers