Methodist Church Buildings

Statistical Returns, including seating accommodation, as at July 1st 1940

The documents which you can download below are taken from a report published by the Department for Chapel Affairs in 1947, following a resolution passed by The Methodist Conference in 1940.

It is a comprehensive list of all Methodist buildings as at 1st July 1940 and includes an indication of the character of the structure, the sort of seating and the extent of the buildings. 

It will also tell you the previous association of each building before Methodist Union in 1932 (ie whether it was Wesleyan, Primitive or United Methodist).

Individual buildings are listed under their Circuit title, and the list is in Circuit number order (which automatically groups the Circuits in their appropriate Districts).

The index at the end lists the Circuits in alphabetical order and gives you the Circuit's number so that you can locate it in the main listing.

There is not an index of individual Churches.


Preface, Notes and Abbreviations
Preface, Notes and Abbreviations (1676k)

London Districts
London Districts (8719k)
Circuits 1-169

Districts B
Districts B (8783k)
Circuits 170-332

Districts C
Districts C (8838k)
Circuits 333-455

Districts D,E
Districts D,E (8713k)
Circuits 456-570

Districts H,I
Districts H,I (3494k)
Circuits 571-631

Districts L
Districts L (8143k)
Circuits 632-755

Districts M
Districts M (7090k)
Circuits 756-885

Districts N-P
Districts N-P (9050k)
Circuits 886-998

Districts S
Districts S (5975k)
Circuits 999-1073

Districts W-Y
Districts W-Y (4843k)
Circuits 1074-1143

Wales, Scotland and Zetland Districts
Wales, Scotland and Zetland Districts (3149k)
Circuits 1144-1221

Districts-Statistical Summary
Districts-Statistical Summary (732k)

Alphabetical List of the Circuits
Alphabetical List of the Circuits (3001k)
Numbered as in the 1940 Minutes of Conference

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